TASK 1 – For an introductory task I got asked to travel around Bournemouth in my seminar group to visit several sites and take a picture of the group in front of each one. The more people each group got at the most locations got the most points.

I am in seminar Group C – we completed the task over two days, as it was hard to find a time when all 17 of us were available. Using social media to communicate (Facebook) we were able to organise times, days and locations that everyone could attend, as we all felt it was important that everyone got involved on the first task. I went on the second day and visited two of the sites on Talbot Campus with Chris and Elliot Langley.


The photo above is a collage, created on photoshop, of the group at each of the sites we visited.

The sites we visited and points we achieved at each one:

  • In front of Talbot House Student Centre – 1 Point
  • In front of main entrance to Poole House – 1 Point
  • In front of Railway Station – 2 Points
  • In front of large Balloon in Lower Garden – 2 Points
  • At surf reef of Boscombe Pier – 2 Points
  • In front of Durley Inn Pub at Durley Chine – 4 Points

To me the task definitely completed its aim, as whilst walking through Bournemouth Town with my group I had the opportunity to talk to each member of the group. I got to know them better, learn why they choose Digital Media Design, there expectations of the course and what they hope to gain from it. It provided a great opportunity to get to know who I would be working alongside and collaborating with for the next 3/4 years.


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