My first workshop in programming! I used a software called Processing where I shown the basic concepts for programming, that I will need to apply to all my work throughout the course.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 12.17.30

Intro to programming using IDE ‘Processing’ software. Programming is just lots of simple instructions, that use high level language that can be interpreted into machine code. The importance of formatting code with indentations and {} which keeps the statements in code blocks. Statements are conditional, they are either true or false, dependant on that they can choose to either perform the command or not. Camel Case is also vital as each software understands a different language dependant on the lower and upper case letters used and in what sequence. The differences between comparison operators, assignment operators, which are interpreted/understood by the machine code and comments which are used for human understanding, which makes it easier to identify what you are asking the machine to do.



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