An introduction to photography and how it can be used in media to capture pattern, texture, colour, shape and form. I used my Nikon SLR Digital Camera to capture abstract shapes in the form of the alphabet. The combination of nature and architecture created an interesting contrast. I anticipated the structures created by nature was much more fluid therefore would be easier to see curled letter shapes. The architecture has much more rigid structures therefore it would easier to relate to the linear letters. I walked around Bournemouth Town centre and visited Central Gardens to get a mixture of abstract images both natural and man made that resembled the alphabet.

A few extra images that I took as I was walking through Central Garden.

DSC_0095        DSC_0091

The Bauhaus movement began in Germany in early 20th century, 1919. It was used to bring together radical ideas in art. It had many workshops in which young students could express new ideas. The Typography workshop included one of the Bauhaus movements most famous artists, Moholy Nagy, who did Photograms. The way in which Nagy composed his pieces with abstract shapes and lines to create a balanced interesting piece of art work was innovative and different in his time. I plan on using inspiration of random shapes and lines to form more realistic objects/shapes such as the alphabet.

David Lynch, inspired the black and white theme, his work is mostly based on industry and architecture.  Despite the monochrome he still manages to create a clear outline of abstract structures within different pieces of industrial architecture. I think that the greyscale helps the viewer focus on the shape of the structure as it is defined by different tones rather than vibrant colour. There is no bright influential colours that would indicate the actual subject of the photo rather than its abstract shape that resembles a letter.

This is the grid of edited images of the letters of the alphabet, I used photoshop to lay out the images using  the mask tool, which allowed me to create all images the same size. This gave me more practise on Photoshop  with layers and it introduced me to the mask tool. Repeating the process 26 times really helped me to sped up how I navigated around Photoshop. 10719204_10203639047190557_1431364517_n

I liked the use of black and white and it provided a theme that ran through the all the images, however I might now go back and look at the original images and divide all the natural and man made images up. I think having all the natural images in colour would provide a clearer difference in themes. The natural images will have a lot more colour that would make for more intriguing and artistic photography.

To experiment further with tools of alignment I used the original images and spelt out my name but used the shortcut version to make all the images the exact same distance apart to give it a better quality finish.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 13.22.44



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