As an extension from the previous task I got together some photos that I took whilst on a trip home to London. I went through waterloo station so I took the opportunity to capture it with crowded people under amazing architecture, the monochrome adds to the theme of man made structure inhibited with large and busy population.

The tube train also in greyscale with slightly blurred edge of the picture to the right shows the movement of the train through an empty station. The blurred train surrounded by still, empty, white platform creates a interesting contrast.

Autumn at Bournemouth beach, allowed me to capture landscape of the sea and sky with my wide lens SLR Nikon digital camera.


The series of 3 photos below of a child playing in the sea, show the dark silhouette of the child against the harsh white of the sun reflecting on the waters surface. A really clear outline of the child can be seen and therefore a dark, intricate, small shape amongst the mass of soft blues/greys and whites,  shows off the clear subject of the photo.

      DSC_0140 DSC_0141 2 DSC_0142 2


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