My initial idea when I was first introduced to Gif, was to draw out a rolling dice. However it was harder than anticipated to map out the correct sequence of the dots as they rotated and to get the correct spacing between dots. To make it easier I still used the cube shape but just lightly rendered one of the sides, so it was  still clear how the cube rolled across the page. I used a ruler to draw out the cubes then went over it with a fine liner so the lines were more solid when I scanned them onto the computer.

The outcome did have the desired affect, however the outline isn’t as clear as it is in the still images, if I were to do it again I would see if I could increase the thickness of the outline on the computer, to get a clearer image on the inserted Gif below. I was confused by the sudden lack in quality of my drawings but I then learnt the difference between the colours in a Photoshop still image that can be saves as a JPEG compared to a Gif. Photoshop still images have 255 for each RGB plus transparency, therefore the quality and clarity of the image is high. A Gif on the other hand has no transparency and a combined RGB of 255, so the quality of the images are drastically reduced.

Before drawing out the cubes I did some background research into a Praxiniscope. I learnt how they use different frames of still images to create what appears to be a moving cycle that can keep on repeating.  If I were to put the sequence on repeat it would appear as though the cubes never stopped rolling, like on a Praxiniscope.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 17.29.34 Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 17.01.08


Rolling Dice/Cubes – GIF

In addition I looked at some tutorials on Cinemagraphs, using the theme of waves to fit in with inspiration of a cycle. I used photographs I had taken on Bournemouth beach. I took a series of 12 photos on the same stretch go beach, by using the method of making a Gif on Photoshop and using the mask tool I was able to control what part of the image moved. I selected one of the photos with a distinctive cloud pattern lined all the images up, then used the mask took on each layer and a black bruch to rub out the sky. So the only moving part of the photos was the cycle of the waves.

If I were to repeat it, I would have used a faster shutter speed so there was less of a difference in the stage of cycle of the waves, this would have made the cycle look a lot smoother/seamless. I would have also maintained the same foreground, so the only movement would be focused in the centre of the image. I think this would have made the cinemagraph more subtle, which was the desired affect, to make the images less jumpy creates a more surreal experience.

Screen Shot 2014-11-07 at 12.43.37


Cinemagraph – Waves

Whilst doing some further research into Disney and the background of animation I decided to create my own version of a disney animation using sprite sheets from the internet. I decide to use the Lion King, so I found sprite sheets of Simba running. After I had samba running across the screen I decided to add in a suitable background that was visible thorough all the layers. Then I found sprite sheets for Tomone and Pumba. When I began putting in all these extra the layers began hard to keep track of so I grouped them dependant on who they affected in the animation, this made it easier for me to navigate around the images.

Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.16.27 Screen Shot 2014-10-14 at 11.17.34


Disney Lion King – Giff

For my Stop-Motion animation I used a cycle that I repeat several times a week. I set up my iPhone on some books so it stayed at the same height and same angle, I then sat on my bed and as I put on my pointe shoes I got my flat mate to keep taking pictures. I inserted all the images onto Photoshop as layers, I created an animation as a Gif. I set the timer to 0.1 second per frame for all the images. I went through and deleted some of the images that were identical so there was no apparent pauses. I really like the affect of a stop motion animation, as you can see they are stills even though they appear as a motion. The ending  however could have had more frames as it seems to jump, this shows were stop motion looses its effectiveness.

Screen Shot 2014-11-09 at 15.23.44


Stop Motion – My Pointe Shoes


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