To develop my skills in After Effects I used a 20 second audio of the Sales speech from The Wolf of Wall Street. It was harder than I had anticipated to match the audio words with text. As the task specified only to use pure type I experimented with different fonts before deciding on American Typewriter as I thought it had the most relevance to the subject of the speech. When possible I tried to use effects that demonstrated the function of the word for example ‘Harpoon’ I used a 3D x-axis to tilt and position to have it shooting across the screen like I imagine a harpoon to do. When playing around with different compositions for the words I also took into consideration the emphasis made on the words by Leonardo DiCaprio so the type emphasises the same words such as ‘1%’, I did this by increasing the scale.  

I plan on experimenting further with After Effects so I can improve my knowledge of the programme, this will hopefully help with simple navigation around the site so when creating a new project I will be a lot quicker with basic effects.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 21.12.13

Wolf of Wall Street – After Effects


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