A first group meeting was arranged for the beginning of February, when Ashely and I discussed ideas for our website.

We went through the brief, making notes and jotting down ideas as we went so when we finished we had a thorough brainstorm of ideas on paper that we could develop further online. (Assignment brief.)

Eventually we came to a very rough idea of ‘Unigram’ (name isn’t set yet.. still thinking). The idea is basically a combination of current application Instagram, Pinterest, Tumblr and BU app. It is a social photo sharing site but it is exclusive to the University you attend. The exclusivity is what makes it stand out from the current photo sharing social media sites. There will be a login page where you have to select your University and then sign in using your student ID. [If you have big enough database you could store student IDs from every University in the UK-maybe even USA if we wanted to come up with ways of how far development could go!]

There will be 3 basic pages – Home, About, Contact.

However on the home page there will be different categories.

  1. FOOD
  2. HALLS
  5. SPORT

Each of these categories takes you to its own page. This is where you can post and view images related to that topic. When you post your image you can tag it more specifically. So for example on the Halls page you can tag ‘Purbeck House’ or on the sports page tag, ‘Lacrosse’ or ‘Womens Lacrosse’.

There will be a search tab where you can search for images that have been tagged by the team/society/course you are involved in.

There is already a BU app however its purpose is informative whereas the web application that we want to make is entirely social.


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