Due to varied input from members of two groups – there was a decision to merge the two groups together to form one big group.

New members included: Mark Lucas, Nibia Waheed, Luke Clarke along with existing members Ashley Howatson-Tout and Nic Baxter.

As the other group had progressed further with their idea we unanimously decided to develop on with their website.

The idea behind the website was a jobs site for students. It initially was for post grad so there would be categories based on subject e.g. law, architecture etc. However we then thought that this would be too specific and that actually most students had links through their subjects department/placement. The thought was then to simplify the idea and just aim the website at undergraduates that just wanted part time work in Bournemouth.

You would have to register and login before you could post a job. There will also be a contact page were you can input your details so you can be contacted regarding a job.

As we were now a large group we decided to split up job roles so:

Front End (css): Mark and Luke

Back End (php): Nibia and Me

Research: Ashley

This role allocation meant that we could divide up the work dependant on peoples strengths. This would also mean the work would be completed most effectively and efficiently.


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