The group wiki was like a group blog so we’re posting about design features and background research rather than the actual code copied from brackets.

However we had issues setting up are group file that we could all access and edit. We used Marks account and password as a communal login. We all knew the login information so when we posted we just had to make sure we labelled it with our name date and time.

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On my git hub account I joined the Group Project already set up by Mark (MJLucas) called ‘Group-Project’. This allowed us to all post the are latest development of the code that we worked on individually or in smaller groups so it was like a continuous woking document.
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These are the top hits I found for existing job sites aimed at students:



This site is the best I’ve seen for student jobs. The design is clear and allows the user to focus on whats most important on the page. The form that allows you to do a ‘quick search’ is exactly what most users will what. Other information listed below however I do think that the font size for this information is a bit too small – although it is a set out as a list so its easy to read.

Features to considering using in our web application:

  • Having a job search form like that on the home page
  • Bullet pointed information about what the site provides

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This site to me is too confusing – there are too many images you don’t really know where to look for jobs. There is the search bar but its opacity has been reduced as this is the main feature it should be made bolder. The navigation bar on this site however is a lot better than the first site – the bar is bigger larger type font and its pushed to the very top of the page.

Features to consider using/avoiding in our web application:

  • not too many images
  • bold clear navigation bar


Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 16.38.43Unlike the other two sites this one has a Facebook/Twitter likes and attachments to it. I think this is a really good way of enticing students as they are all connected to social media an is mostly how they communicate. The nav bar is too crowded – the more basic the easier it is for users. The search bar is quite small and too the side – should be more focal.

Features to consider using/avoiding in our web application:


  • links to pages on social media
  • don’t overcrowd/overcomplicate the nav bar